ROF, busting gut , laugh til I cried , recycling snot kind of funny

 Who says I don’t have a sense of humor?

Friday’s are always the same.  Reconciliation  first, then I break out the bra and nice top. Police the grounds for candy wrappers and stray beer cans .  Clean off the desk, hide the paperwork I’ve been meaning to get to and of course straighten the house in anticipation for the boss who may or may not show up.

Oh the joy of waiting. 

Somewhere after noon, I throw in the towel.  Well hide the towel I’ve should not be using as a rag  under the sink.   Scan the visible rooms one more time.  Make sure I have the bedroom doors shut.   OK, ready or NOT, this is as good as it gets and I wait some more.

Finger nail tapping ensues.  And boredom sets in.  I can’t get online AND not in the mood for anything too serious.  The History Channel IS OUT.

SO I consider raiding the frig one more time.   BUT decide against it.  I’ve already had two egg salad sandwiches.

I pick up the book that I actually checked out for hubby.  The same one that was already collecting food particles and a coffee drip stain — the very one I  forgot to take back to the library the other day.

“The Conception Chronicles – the uncensored truth about sex, love & marriage when you’re trying to conceive”

Authored by Patty Doyle Debano, Courtney Edgerton Menzel and Shelly Dicken Sutphen.

This is BY far the most humorously USEFUL  TTC  resource I have found YET and I highly recommend it !

Long before I even got the call that my boss wasn’t coming.  I was already flipping through the pages and found myself laughing at some of the anedotes while carefully avoiding having too much fun because my work day wasn’t over and there would be some serious issues to confront once my boss arrived .

“Why do you  have five vacancies?” 


I had been privately rehearsing  the solicited BUT very  wrong answer!

“Well ya know so and so.  Short of letting a bus load of carnies in, letting guests run all over me or taking  to the streets myself behind the three  hookers who stroll regularly .  I don’t know what else to do.  Perhaps some realism in your ad might help?”

Nope he wouldn’t like that answer.

My point IS that I haven’t had much to laugh about lately BUT here I was.  

Laughing right out loud, thanks to this  book.  Even my Jacks were looking at me funny.

I was NEVER so grateful when hubby called to tell me I could relax now .  Boss was not coming!

And by the time he arrived home I was halfway through the book and began to read the highlights outloud to my hubby who despite the fact  was seriously immersed in a stat emhancing  game of solitaire couldn’t help but smile at some of the quotes.  Then I heard  snickers.

And with every quote came another wave of uncontrollable laughter, tears, snot.  And sneaking off to the bathroom trying to get a handle on my emotions. 

Hubby Even told me I was priceless when I said  “well all is going according to plan in this TTC pursuit.” 

I was doing everything right OR AT LEAST like MOST of  the others  TTCer, according to this book.

Bottom line!  This book was side splitting funny and I realized I needed this sort of release as I know MOST of you do just from what I read on most of your blogs.

TTCers take themselves quite seriously!  And rightfully so.  Once a decision is made to have a baby, we all get a bit serious.  Sometimes too serious.  I had planned to say something else here but afraid to get run out of town on a rail.  

  BUT if I have one little bit of wisdom for any of you.  it’s this!

Pick up this book if you haven’t already.   Read it when you are in the depths of despair.  Refer back to it often.   It will make you feel better,  I promise.    If it doesn’t maybe it’s time to seek out another type of doctor.

 There are others OUT there.  Fear NOT, you are NOT alone in this.    I dare you to laugh at yourself, lighten up and above ALL enjoy the experience and I DO realize just how frustrating it can be at times.


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One Response to “ROF, busting gut , laugh til I cried , recycling snot kind of funny”

  1. Julie Says:

    The book sounds funny. 🙂 I’ll have to look into it.

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