Okeedokie, breathe in, breath out! I have a spike at 8dpo

A significant one after nice wave like temps since ovulation.  98.3 to  98.6 overnight.  FF Chartwatch/comparisons found 40 percent ovulatory and 60 percent pregnancy.  WOW!  

  I was actually hoping for a dip but who knows.  Triphasic pehaps.     If I dip now in the next few days it won’t seem like a dip,  just my temps adjusting.  Oh well,  I can test as soon as Saturday or Sunday and will pretty much know for sure before that.  

  I have yet to be able to post an image here since they changed things up at wordpress but for those who want to see  . 

The link is : http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1e3a54

So… We also had a cold front come thru last night.  Since it has warmed up recently , we have been sleeping with a light blanket and our respective indian type throws.  I put my comforter back on the bed last night.  But  really didn’t sleep under it for most of the night.  And it wasn’t ALL that cold this morning.  The house is comfortable anyway without air or heat.

That wouldn’t affect my temp would it?

Of course, lots of other stuff going on too.  Mostly work related stress but hubs and I are confronting a rough patch personally and so have been doing some talking about the probs.

But he has been mentioning my weight here and there .  I am pretty fluffy right now to be sure  And the other night we prayed together ( Ron leading) and asked for help with the struggles.  He closed by saying  “And if it’s not too much trouble, let us be pregnant!”   That was sweet.

Last night, as we settled in we both agreed to try to work harder on personal health.   And he said   ” not just for us but for the little one” and patted my belly.   

 Hmmmmm….   The last time (before I ever got a positive) he seemed to instinctively know I was pregnant.   Does he know something that I don’t?  Wishful thinking, probably but it set off an odd “hopeful”  feeling.

By the way ladies, I know I have some catching up to do on the blogs.   And will as I get time.  Life has been really hectic lately.

Love to ALL tho.  I hope all is going well!    Off to read a few blogs while I can .   HUGS



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One Response to “Okeedokie, breathe in, breath out! I have a spike at 8dpo”

  1. thechroniclesofconception Says:

    A spike? lovely!!! Here’s to hoping it’s leading to a BFP! I don’t think the cold front would have affected the temp! GOOD LUCK!!!

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