October 6, 2008

Sooooooooooo.    Where do I begin?

We left our employ on July 11.   ALMOST Three months ago.    Moved as I have said we were.  Live in a lovely RV community on the Little Manatee River.     Got a cool discount coupon for a FREE month of combo services with Brighthouse first month here.   You know internet, TV and phone.   Problem was IT was not installed properly.  SO internet would not work period.   It took five techs and my computer guy to figure it out.  Spent bucks too trying to fix things that were not wrong with my computer.  Not to mention all the time spent not being able to get online.     I finally got on for the first time today.  They owe me BIGGGGGGGG!

All is well at the moment.   Tho first few months here were scary  .  I never did get my unemployment and because our bosses continued to pay us after hubs got hurt,  workers comp insurance would not pay because they said hubs self limited income.   Somehow we made it.    It was only after Ron was deemed unable to work in August did they start paying him again.   The nice part is that it was more income then we ever had at the motel.  probably because they had to include housing etc as part of the income. I did go to work fulltime  briefly but bowed out gracefully after a few weeks.   I am presently working one day a week here at the park.

So here I am.  Wondering how all of you are .   Have missed the friends I have made here.  Sooooooooooooooooo many emails, blogs, etc to catch on.

As for  any TTC efforts.  Well lets just say we are getting lots of practice.     I am about 8 days into my 2 ww at the moment.  We have not done any heroics in our attempts because of our situation.  Haven’t given up just yet.   Jist giving ourselves alittle break from the obsessing.

So Julie, Tiff, Brooke, please catch me up.  The rest of you too.   Email me if you want at     HUGS  In the meantime I will get back to reading some blogs.


cd 5, I think!??!?!?! quick update!!!

July 8, 2008

Hi Ladies:   Been a few days huh?   Thanks for concern.    Please be patient wiith me.     Hopefully life will get back to normal soon.

Close but no cigar. 😀     AF arrived on Friday afternoon  as I kinda thought she might.   . 

 Busy weekend.  Saturday I stomached another disappointing visit from boss.  Now they are threatening to shut the place down saying that they are now losing money with it  .   Not saying in so many words but   Like somehow this is our fault.   It’s all about profit.  I knew that all along   and know we have to look out for ourselves.        We are making the right move but now seems they are gonna hate us either way.  

I was thinking  ”  So ya think we are just gonna sit here and wait for you to lower the boom on us!”       Thankfully we had forethought about all this.  no delusions here. 

 Sunday was very productive.   We got alot of a larger items moved.        And car going again.  YAY!    Changed the alternator finally. 

 Yesterday it rained most of weekend  and into the evening.

Ironically, Someone who checked out on Saturday came back to retrieve items left behind and another checked out yesterday.   They both were so nice thanking us for our kindness and hospitality.

It’s a shame!  Really IS! 

I called all my accounts and changed address .  Fior some reason they would not let me put a change of address in at the post office because it was a shared mailbox.

 Other than that.   Got some laundry done but that was about it.   As far as moving, we are down to just a few more  loads.  I can’t believe how bare this place is getting.     Most of the furniture stays.   But I have been cleaning as I go so we really only have a day or two of  labor left here.

Our goal is to be gone by Friday after book close and can get our pay for week .  

Today hubby has therapy.  We also got in contact with an attorney who is coming out tomorrow.

Othwise as I wait, I plan to clean the vacated unit and get some more stuff moved down to the nest.  Seems like time has stopped.

Will catch up soon.  PRomise   .  HUGS

Happy Fourth !!!

July 4, 2008

And it is 16 dpo.  Temps still up 98.57 and I need to test. Much higher than last month on this day   Felt somewhat better yesterday and better yet today,   Temped thruout day yesterday and no sign of fever  but that cough is horrendous and THAT is making me feel headachy and stuff.  Coughing up some prettty thick  stuff.  And I am having a tinkle problem.   Hubby teased me about getting me Depends.  Everytime I checked on my little problem I expected signs of AF but nothing.



Do so want to be excited but afraid to be.

Otherwise no AF as of yet.     And as I  said yesterday, not sure where any little symptom might be coming from.

I do know that the natural progesterone is working.  Perhaps too well.   My chart IS very pregnant looking.  But again,  I really need to test because I shouldn’t use anymore progesterone this cycle IF I am not pregnant.  Because our money is somewhat tight, I still hesitate.  Last month I started Af on 16dpo.

So today, my car is still not running.  And hubby has to go to the walk in clinic to be assessed.    We also have to go in the opposite direction to pay lot rent again.  And still no closer to being out of here.  Afterall I can’t go anywhere without a car,  Hubby seems overwhelmed with all the extra running he has had to do.  He is also freaking about our money situation which isn” t all that bad.  BUT there IS no way we can be out of here this weekend,   This week flu by in a blur with not much getting done in way of packing

I will probably have hubby  pick me up a HPT on his way home  clinic IF I don’t start before then.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting.    For what?    I am nO t quite sure. 

 I have surrendered ALL  control for the moment.  LOL  Imagine that.

15 dpo , Definitely summer cold, but fever?

July 3, 2008

98.52 upon waking.   I have an incredibly sore throat, convulsive coughing jags.  Achey and  Headache  from all the coughing .  But I have not lost my appetite.

Still wouldn’t be surprised if It is elevated because I am so sick.

I slept reasonably well last night but I also took Theraflu.  No signs yet of AF and I will test tomorrow morning because my allotted time for progesterone is running out.  I shouldn’t use anymore after today unless I get a positive.

If I have pregnancy symptoms, I am feeling too puney otherwise to tell. 

So yesterday, I was told to expect Mr, Boss,  I freaked because I just knew he would come while hubby was at therapy and I was in no shape to deal with him.  I really thought he was coming to give us a pink slip   Thankfully this would not happen as Mr Boss got tied up. Mrs,  Boss called and it was decided that she would make a deposit for me over in St Pete.  We got our regular  month’s end  pay which I was REALLY  worried about.  And we can count on weekly pay this week.

By the time she called.  I felt horrible and put off finishing the unit that checked out yesterday.

So now it’s early Thursday morning ,  and   I had hoped to be out of here by Sunday,    I really don’t know how.   Geico got sneaky and accellerated a payment on us.  So that means a double payment is due TODAY .   I also have lot rent to pay again by tomorrow.  And I still need an alternator. 

Don’t know , guess we will see how much we can get done between now and weekend.   

I am going back to bed now.  Hopefully with a few more hours rest I’ll feel better and can get something accomplished.


14 dpo, whatever will be, will be!

July 2, 2008

Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  

I slept in today.  It was 6:25 am when I opened my eyes long enough to look at the clock.  That’s pretty late for me. 

Temps are still high.  98.35 but dropped some.  Still higher than average on 14dpo.   Still no signs of AF, or even spotting.  Sore breasts tho and I am losing not gaining weight.  I am down almost ten lbs.  since E’s wedding in May.  Anotherwords.  Where is the premenstual bloat?

This summer cold is settling in.  I have a sore throat  now and a bad cough.  My stamina is waning.  

Haven’t gotten our monthly checks yet.  Hope this doesn’t mean we have to run them down.  Or worse yet, fight for them. 

Yesterday we stayed pretty busy.  I took $59.35  worth of pennies in to a Coin Star yesterday and bought some groceries .  Not that there wasn’t food here to eat, just needed to a few new selections    Can  you believe it?    My granddaughter will have to forgive us.   They were HER pennies.

Also decided that it IS  my alternator.     It drained after having it charged and checked during my trip to Walmart.

Otherwise I have no idea what the next few days will bring.   

I do know I have another check out today.   The girl brought me a big plastic container to make iced tea in and asked me to do a map quest for her,   They are going to San Antonia to be near family.   Their GREAT JOB doing new construction CLEAN up either ended OR something.    When they checked in two weeks ago, their boss told me that they had plenty of work.  Hmmmmmmmm.

I can’t even imagine stubbling thru another week here.    Can’t imaginie being ready to split in a few days either.  Time is getting away from us.

Got to run,  Boss just called on cellphone which probably means she tried to call here.  This  Ole gal still uses dialup,  IT also happens to be the office line.

13dpo. Triphasic pattern and low voltage blues

July 1, 2008

SO here is my chart.  I am not going to test before Thursday or Friday ( I refuse) even tho FF says I can test tomorrow,   but it is definitely showing two distinct temp levels.  Yesterday it was 98.71 , today is down slightly but higher than the first level. 98.55   Somehow I expected high temps but trying not to get my hopes up.  I have no real symptoms one way or another so I have nothing really to get excited about.

And wouldn’t you know it ,  my car is having some kind of low voltage problem.    Sunday after going to the nest and back with no obvious problem I made a quick run to the store.  The first time I tried to start it, it acted like battery was low and had trouble turning over.  By the time I got down the street my blinkers were not blinking.  I went thu a drive thru so I didn’t have to turn off the car.  I got it home  but then it wouldn’t start again without a jump.

Same thing yesterday but now it was acting like it had a clogged fuel filter when i stepped on the gas  “Sputtering”  . 

So my hubby tinkered with it OFF and ON all day yesterday with no luck. And finally I called an Auto /ELectric guy I found in the phone book.  What a nice guy.  He didn’t even know me but offered some helpful information.

He told me to take battery to parts store.  Have it charged and tested.  Then go from there. After hearing my car’s symptoms,  he told me that  low voltage would cause all that and  IT was probably  not charging .  Chances are that it was   the alternator. 

That’s almost a hundred dollars we don’t have to spend but it could be worse.  Right?

Yesterday I felt very tired, and depressed.  Down in the dumps.   Last night I detected the makings of a summer cold.  Mrs. Boss had one when she was here the other day. 

Today, I have more hurry up and wait.   Although we had several phone calls and a few drop by, we haven’t rented any more rooms.    We should have our checks today or tomorrow which means another visit from Mrs. Boss.

Hubby has alot of running to do today.   The battery, Walmart to drop off his prescriptions and then physical therapy.   I can’t help with any of it because I can’t drive his old truck which has no power steering.

Meanwhile I have lots of stuff to get done and feel very stuck without the use of my car.  Fun Fun!!!

 So I close to begin my day here on the ( ha ha)  funny farm,

11dpo, Ready, Set, and Wait some more.

June 29, 2008

Would have been nice had I been able to temp normally this fine Sunday morning   but of course, my thermometer was no where to be found at first .   I finally found it under paperwork and temps up where they should be ( 98.3 or there abouts)  but are they reliable  ?  

I bent and stooped and huffed and puffed cold air ( exerted myself)  as I searched for it?  Would they be higher or lower had I been able to take it as I always do .  So now I have more waiting.

Whatever the case may be, they are still reasonably high.  For someone who wasn’t even gonna TRY this month, I know I am obsessing.  Other than the sore breasts and a twinge now and then.  No notable signs of conception OR dreaded AF on the horizon either.  I do have some back strain and sore feet but that is pretty normal by week’s end

So yesterday , the boss lady came and went without alot of drama. Although she was not happy about occupancy.   Nothing was said one way or the other about our leaving    She was gone by 12:30 or so.  We had a former guest come over to visit for a while  who said he would help us move some of the bigger items out next weekend.   The phone barely rung  all day again .    I took a late afternoon nap and I felt feverish when I woke  but temped to find my temps just as they were in the morning.    

Then we went to Ruskin to make our final payment on the RV.  YAYYYYYY!  I have title in hand.   It took some scrimping but finally.  At least we have a roof over our head when the inevitable comes down.

SO now it’s early  Sunday and I wish I would have been able to sleep in but I am wide awake.  So much to do between now and next weekend.  Hubby will do what he can do with light stuff but were still going to need that help when it comes down to the last few heavier items.

 I have NEVER been so READY yet ill prepared for anything in my life.   

Above all, I hate feeling the need to sneak.    At the same time I know that even the way they treat us is different and it’s just a matter of time before they decide they don’t need our service anymore.  And i feel that news could come anyday now.   I NEED to be armoured up when that day comes.

10 dpo, dramatic rise in temps, 98.51

June 28, 2008

Hmmmmmm.  Almost like I ovulated all over again which ofcourse doesn’t happen .  Orrrrrr, dare I think, maybe implantation.   Time will tell.  other than some ( very slight ) breast tenderness and what felt like ovary pain yesterday ( pulls and twinges) down low  on left side, I have  no real symptoms.  

Otherwise, it is business as usual.   I had another nightly Thursday night and unexpected check out on Friday.  So we are scrambling to get units rentable again.   Occupancy is down again, and I expect a visit from the boss today.    I don’t even care honestly what happens today boss wise.    God please just give me the strength to keep my mouth zipped should someone get anal with me

This should be our last week as managers.   Unless they  decide to send us packing  before next weekend.  Independance Day takes on a entirely new meaning.   We are planning to be gone by next Sunday regardless, alot depends on how we get treated today on how our exit plays out.

Tomorrow more packing and moving.

We are making our last payment  on Rv today with yesterdays pay,   our  regular  bills will be  paid with first of month check and hopefully one more check coming next friday which will give us running money until I get another paycheck coming in.   That would be the perfect scenerio.  But we will see.  It all depends on many factors 

Say a little prayer and send our way please.   Trying not to let this get to me.    Excited and somewhat scared.  But hey, we have pulled thru worse financial  messes.  At least we don’ t have alot of debt to contend with.

BTW,  I wanted to thank the few who read and comment.  I appreciate your concern and friendship.  I know I have pretty lax reciprocating lately.   I can’t wait until I have my life back and have a little more “Sherry” time so I can catch up with you all.

Please know I am not ignoring you.   Just not nearlt enough time.  And I have to steal the time I do have from the wee hours of the morning right now when I should be sleeping.

Thanks again and will :visit blogs soon.



It’s a Cruel Cruel World

June 26, 2008

8 dpo / a dip  .  Very similar to last month’s chart.  False hope given in chart gallery.  Who cares?   I’m fat!   And just fed up generally! 

The other day,  a lady came to the door.   A nice lady with another younger  women in tow.  The first  was doing a good deed for the younger women by paying for two nights for her and her husband.  

That was about 8 pm.  At  10 we noticed a car park and three people went inside the unit.

It was obvious that the third person had planned to stay.

When hubby went to tell them this was a no no.   The punk husband got rude.  Then ruder and before long he was demanding a refund and having a fullblown hissy fit in the parking lot.  We had to call 911.

First off, we were NOT about to giive HIM a refund as it wasn’t his money that paid for the unit.  Secondly,  he caused such a ruckus that we wanted him OFF the property post haste.   I had to get even a partail refund approved by Mrs. Boss, given the circumstances yesterday.  The nice lady’s husband came by last night to  pick up the money for the second night’s stay.  They were nice people just trying to help someone out and got screwed.     The fiasco cost them $45 dollars.

But that went on for several hours and it was nearly  I am before we  got to settle into bed.

By then I heard water running somewhere.     It turns out to be a busted, underground  water pipe which we found yesterday morning  and that turned out to be an all day sucker getting it fixed with the help of another manager who I had to play hostess to while hubby went to physical therapy.  OHJOY!

it was after 6 when it was finally fixed and our guests had water again.

meanwhile got the pics from wedding that mom sent me.   Icing on the cake!    At least now I have some before pics when I go back to weight watchers.   I’m sso disgusted with myself.   I looked GAWD awful! 

Sixty extra lbs can be disfiguring.  But I guess I shouldn’t say that.

No wonder I am feeling like I do.   I hate the fact that I let myself go.

Then you have the pancake butt Rita’s of this world.   I am about to tell her that my husband has a name and it’s not darlin’.  apparently the other manager saw my agitation when she came over to the office to get an update for the umptheenth time and volunteered to go over himself and tell her when the water was finally back on.

Another thing that has me upset is that there has been a starving  stray pup running around here  for a week or more.  We had to shew him off the property several times.    Hubby found him :dead : run over two nights ago and drug him up on the median to keep me from seeing it.   And I still saw him   I felt so horrible.  Hate to see animal suffering to begin with and then to see him torn limb from limb was more than I could take.  Hubby was just as upset about it.   I knew I should have called Animal Services and put him out of his misery days earlier. 

I had to call DOT yesterday and they came out and removed his remains,

Let us just say and hasn’t been a GREAT week. 


interesting tidbits , ttc and otherwise

June 24, 2008

So  today is 6dpo, and my temps jumped up another 2/10ths of a degree . Comparing to my own charts, nothing special .  But I am so far  following right in line with a pregnancy chart that keeps popping up everytime I look in the chart gallery.    Hmmmmm.

So yesterday was just another Monday ( or so I thought) until about 10:55 am when Mrs. Boss Called.  She needed paperwork from hubby , this , that and the other.   She also wanted to get any money I collected since her last visit on Friday 

” I ‘m coming out.  Don’t know what time.”

Hubby went on to therapy.  I went over to wake a guest whose rent was due.  ofcourse after trying to convince me she was due on Tuesday ,  I reminded her that she was due on my son’s birthday,  Which was yesterday, the 23rd.    she started packing her car.   Yes, a check out.   

I mopped my own  kitchen floor as I waited for Boss instead of my job which is always the case when they come out to check up on us.  It always throws me off schedule.

Hubby came home after going to therapy and to docs to pic up new scripts.  They went ahead and gave him his new assessment instead of making him come out again today.  He now has a 10 lb weight limit which realistically doesn’t allow him to make a bed or even start a lawn mower.

I was itching to leave him to deal with boss.  I went to Walmart.   Conveniently I waited for a good hour  for script to be filled.  By the time i  was headed back over to the pharmacy , hubby had left two messages on my cell.  Mrs Boss  had come and gone.

And he told me all about her visit.  Apparently we are being “shopped.”   The boss has someone call periodically  to see how we deal with potential guests over the phone.   Somehow I knew this was going on,  but it still iritated me to hear it . 

 Apparently I get it right every time!  YAY!    (  I do because I have a speel I use which allows me to be friendly and professional yet  avoid lengthy nonsense conversations )   but she wanted to talk to hubby about  his practices of giving out too much information.

Otherwise, from what I could gather second hand , it was business as usual, like our jobs were never in jeopardy.

Hubby didn’t seem bothered by any of it and we had an otherwise pleasant evening.  

I just want to get thru this month.  Get the RV  paid off, get the rest of our pay for the month  and move on.

Sometimes it feels like we’ll never get out of here.